This category is aimed at athletes aged between 13 and 14 years old.


Our mission is to motivate, educate and train young people to practice Basketball through theintroduction of fundamental habits of behaviour and the way of being in a team.


Develop work that does not compromise the athletes' future development and performance,alwaysproviding the best training.

Provide a multilateral motor and sports preparation for the development of basic coordinative andconditional skills.


Theteaching of the game must be based on the alternating experience of the game/competitionsituation with the training sessions, which mustconsiderthe needs and difficulties that the childfaces in the game situation.


The criteria of equality, participation,treatment,and achievement are a permanent concern.

Promote the development of general physical qualities-endurance, speed, strength, flexibility-ina way that is adjusted to the practitioner's structure.


Implementation of game systems in whichreaction and displacement speeds and defensive aggressiveness are privileged in the recovery ofball possession.