This category is aimed at athletes aged between 15 and 16.


At this stage, our mission is to guide the young person towards a more regular and more committed practice. 


This step belongs to the stage called initial specialization, so the activity is already directed towards a more specific preparation. 

The intensification of the individual technical-tactical enrichment of the young athlete must be a constant with total respect for actions that favor reaction and displacement speeds, defensive aggressiveness in the recovery of ball possession, and the quick transition from defense to attack. 


To promote the development of general physical qualities adjusted to the age and developmental state of the young practitioner. 


Develop psychic abilities - attention, perception, will, discipline, and collective spirit. 


Develop the ability to perform adequate tactical reasoning through teaching, perfecting, combining, and stabilizing fundamental tactical structures. 


Develop the technical skills of the fundamental technical gestures of the game, through teaching, correction, improvement, consolidation, and stabilization of the fundamentals of individual offensive and defensive techniques. 


Progressively increase the volume and intensity to promote in the athlete adaptation, reaction, and overcoming mechanisms, indispensable for the athlete with aspirations to practice Federated Basketball and, if possible, of high performance.