The Cadet class is made up of boys born in: 2012 and 2011 and girls: 2013 and 2012. This continues to be an extremely important stage of sports development: LEARNING TO DO.   

We use different stimuli in new and varied contexts, organising the swimmers into working groups to respond to the heterogeneity characteristic of this age group, respecting the full development of the child. We seek a sustained, harmonious, healthy and consistent development.   

Familiarisation with assessment protocols (anthropometric, quality of movement and physical condition assessment) becomes part of the training process to meet individual needs and characteristics.  




To encourage the practice of regular physical exercise  

Improve coordination and conditional capacities   

To develop discipline and training habits  

To increase the enjoyment of swimming as a competitive sport  

Participate in federation training sessions  

To provide diversified experiences in a team context  

Create an identity with the work group and the team   

To promote teamwork to achieve common goals  

Develop high quality technical skills  

Participate in competitions/meetings with high technical levels  


Contribute to the integral and harmonious development of the individual as a citizen and as an athlete, endowing him/her with skills and values such as:  


  • sense of responsibility  
  • discipline  
  • rigour  
  • organization  
  • dedication  
  • commitment  
  • autonomy  
  • self-confidence  
  • ability to work