The CLIP Swimming Team's main goal is to train swimmers with high technical and sports performance, as well as citizens with principles and values, providing them with skills and qualities for the challenges of society. From basic to elite swimmers, CLIP seeks high quality, competence, and professional commitment in all sectors and areas of intervention, thus seeking a prominent place in the panorama of Pure National Swimming.

One of the main goals of the Club is to be a national reference in the training of swimmers with high technical quality, to later be able to train and develop elite athletes, clearly focused on results and sports performance.

In its short existence, CLIP managed to leave its mark on the history of regional and national swimming, with the achievement of several regional and national records, qualifying for Technical Training Internships of the Portuguese Swimming Federation, calls for the Pre-Junior National Team, participation, and access to finals in International Meetings, held in Portugal and Italy.

Better training, more competence, more quality, the greater probability of success. Through this premise, the club has been developing a set of partnerships, from physical to psychological work, to training material and also to technologies applied to sport, more specifically to swimming, with the clear objective of providing our young swimmers with the best training conditions based on principles and values, which we believe are fundamental to success, whether sporting, professional or personal, which we do not give up, namely: Resilience, Overcoming, Discipline, Focus, Commitment, Union, Determination and Dedication.