The Club

The Club

The Vision


The Vision for the International School of Oporto (CLIP) is to become an exemplary centre of teaching and learning which nurtures and promotes brilliant minds for the future through innovation, international-mindedness, academic excellence and intellectual resilience.


The Mission


CLIP believes the future will be shaped by extraordinary individuals who will meet the challenges of the 21st century through versatile intellectual competence, a passion for discovery, increased social fairness and uncompromising commitment. The Mission of the International School of Oporto is to nurture and inspire such individuals through the provision of a challenging, inclusive international education through which:


  • All are Challenged
  • All are Lifelong-Learners
  • All are Internationally-minded
  • All are Principled citizens


Critical Thinkers

All learners are equipped for success in a challenging world. They are confident leaders, skilled communicators, constructive team players and efficient problem solvers. They have a critical self-awareness and adapt successfully to changing situations.


Global Citizens

All learners develop a personal code of ethics, respect for diversity of opinion and culture, an empathy for others, an age-appropriate understanding of global issues and a disposition towards positive community participation.



The practice of sports in schools, in addition to a duty arising from the current regulatory framework in the education system, is an instrument of significant importance, useful in combating school failure and improving the quality of teaching and learning.

To provide all students at CLIP – Oporto International School with a competitive experience in the field of federated sports or similar, where all the ingredients that we consider essential for a healthy sports practice are present, a structure inspired by Desporto Escolar was created, the CLIP Teams.

The CLIP Teams Project has the fundamental goal of being an integral part of the CLIP Educational Project and Activities Plan. This particularity makes the Project transversal (interdisciplinary) and operating with the work carried out in the Physical Education curriculum subject, in articulation with the respective teachers.

In this context, all children and youngsters from 4 to 19 years old, of all sexes, regardless of their sporting abilities, but rather their commitment and motivation for the sport, can compete at a more formal level in three different sports, two collective (basketball and football) and the other individual (swimming).

Thus, the CLIP Teams Project is integrated, in an articulated and continuous way, in the set of general and specific goals of the School's Activity Plan, being part of its Educational Project, being perfectly framed in the CLIP’s philosophy, and having as goals:


  • Training students/athletes in the values of sport and citizenship;
  • Create long-lasting physical activity habits that will last even after the competitive cycle and be present in the daily lives of young people and adults;
  • Experiencing a different competitive reality, which is stimulating and at the same time supplies diversified challenges that lead to constant adaptation and natural evolution;
  • Provide our athletes with contact with other social and cultural realities, through competitions, tournaments, and training in Portugal and abroad.


As active agents in this process, responsible for the training of youngsters who sign up for our teams, who believe that they will be athletes and who will dedicate years of their life to a “modus vivendi” of perfect daily communion with Football/Basketball/Swimming and the school, we must always bear in mind that the training process for children and young people must be planned in the long term. This allows that all the growth stages unfold correctly and effectively, making it essential not to rush the training process in the search for a result, often “mistreating” the harmonious development of the child, as a way of achieving victory at any price.

This entire process is contextualized in a social interaction aimed at learning the rules of group coexistence, enhancing healthy and solidary human relationships, and taking part in sports activities following the values of the Olympic spirit and fair play.


Curriculum Standards Statement and Planning

All coaches of the different CLIP Teams sports have the same guideline about the organization, planning, and control of training sessions and games, as well as all the pedagogical and methodological aspects related to the training of young athletes.

Each sport has its goals clearly defined for each stage of learning, always considering the “sensitive” phases of our young athletes and always in light of the CLIP Teams' philosophy.




  • Qualified teachers;
    a) Specific qualification for the sport (minimum level I)
    b) Suitable profile for working with young people, both in the technical aspects of the sport and in the pedagogical and social aspects 
    c) Ability to be part of a technical structure that works as a team, being available to, whenever necessary, support in training, games, and/or events where the CLIP Teams take part
    d) Attending, each sporting season, in at least one training action, in the area and age group in which you are working.
  • Spaces, equipment, and materials suitable for practicing the proposed modalities, throughout the academic year;
  • Times available for activities, with a clear distinction between the periods dedicated to training and competitions, that is, there should not be any overlapping of games with the hours allocated to training.

Reporting to Parents and Assessment  


The evaluation is continuous and will be the basis for the calls of the various games/competitions held regularly, according to the following criteria:

a) Presence and punctuality in training and games/competitions;
b) Commitment and posture in training and games/competitions;
c) Commitment to CLIP Teams.


In the first term of each academic/sports year, a meeting will be scheduled where relevant information will be given about aspects involving the training, competitions, and activities of each CLIP Teams sport.
Periodic information will be given at the end of games/competitions, and meetings with coaches may be scheduled whenever considered necessary.
The "parent's evenings" will be, in the future, a space where Guardians can find the coach responsible for a certain age group, becoming an opportunity to have all the information they need about their student and their performance, behaviour, and evolution in CLIP Teams.



To smooth the entire process of booking spaces, a specific program is used for this purpose, called “Sports Booking”.
Regular transports are carried out by a company with whom CLIP has an agreement and is duly certified for this purpose. Occasional transports are carried out by the company that gives the best quote. The secretarial work (registration, insurance, medical examinations, etc…) is the responsibility of the PE department, under the supervision of the coordinators of each sport.